Piloting industrial green hydrogen

Following Zeon Ventures investment in Verdagy, the company is now proactively collaborating on a pilot project to leverage Verdagy’s electrolyzer technology to produce green hydrogen for ZEON plants in Japan.

Green hydrogen production using electrolysis is an important strategic area for ZEON Corporation to support existing hydrogen needs and enable new business opportunities. After a thorough survey of the hydrogen landscape, Zeon Ventures invested in Verdagy as its first hydrogen related investment. The goal of the investment is to deepen our understanding of Verdagy’s innovative technology and to explore new business opportunities related to green hydrogen.

Verdagy is a California-based startup innovating water electrolysis technology for the large-scale production of green hydrogen. Verdagy's industry leading solution achieves both the lowest upfront capital costs and the lowest unit economics for production.

Following the initial investment from Zeon Ventures, ZEON Corporation has entered into an agreement with Verdagy to examine the feasibility of piloting their solution at ZEON’s plant in XXX, Japan. This collaboration is still in its infancy but holds promise to providing ZEON an onsite source of sustainable hydrogen, as well as, a chance to develop a new hydrogen supply businesses in Japan.

Verdagy’s three-cell 500kW commercial electrolyzer module in Moss Landing, CA