Pioneering sustainable battery manufacturing.

A collaboration between dry electrode manufacturing innovator AM Batteries and Zeon Corporation aims to dramatically lower the manufacturing costs, energy consumption and carbon footprint for lithium-ion battery production.

The collaboration between Zeon Corporation (Zeon) and AM Batteries (AMB) initially began with an investment from Zeon Ventures in AMB’s seed round financing in December of 2022. AM Batteries caught the attention of the Zeon Ventures due to the company’s world-class team and highly innovative process for energy-efficient, low-cost, and lower-carbon footprint dry process manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries.  

Immediately following investment, Zeon’s battery materials division began a small collaboration with AMB to assess the affinity of Zeon’s binder product for AMB’s innovative dry electrode manufacturing process.  During the initial work together, both companies quickly reached conviction that a deeper collaboration optimizing AMB’s process for a novel new binder from Zeon could further reduce the cost of production compared to the traditional wet-coating methods and help to accelerate the commercialization of AMB’s solution.

 As a next step, Zeon and AMB have entered a joint agreement to collaborate on optimizing Zeon’s binders for AMB’s process.  Upon reaching the agreement in early 2024, Lie Shi, CEO of AM Batteries said “We are thrilled to be working with Zeon to further create an ecosystem that is optimized for the dry process which will continue to become a critical part of the future of battery manufacturing.”

 AMB’s work to revolutionize battery manufacturing has just begun but the company is making rapid progress and quickly gaining the attention of major players in the automotive industry and beyond.  As an investor and a strategic partner, Zeon is proud to deepen its work with AMB to help them transform battery manufacturing and contribute to a more sustainable world.